The Mountain or Leopard Tortoise – released into the wild

Stonechat Game Lodge

leopard tortoiseStoneChat Game Lodge is fortunate to have a neighbouring wildlife rehabilitation facility. After a successful rehabilitation of previously captive animals, they are released into the grater Wilge River Nature Conservancy (WRNC) a 1500ha nature reserve where visitors of StoneChat Game Lodge can hike and enjoy nature at its best.

The Mountain or Leopard Tortoise is one of South Africans largest tortoises and feeds on grass, plants and flowers. No, they are not aggressive towards humans but the males are aggressive towards other males. They have immense power in their legs and with long nails they dig in the soil for a firm grip with quite impressive ground clearance. It has been measured 70cm in height and has been recorded to weigh up to 40 kg. This poor fellow was in captivity for a long time and we feel privileged to be part of its release into open nature.

Other successful releases on to the soil of StoneChat Game Lodge include Leopard, meercats and Servals.

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Hadeda view on the river

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Wag 'n Bietjie walkway to lapa

Wag'n Bietjie: "Perfect braai lapa and immensely wide views."

Leopard steenbokkie kudus